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How long do goldfish live? Caring for your goldfish.

How long do goldfish live? If you do not want to read through our post I will answer it right away! Most goldfish live up to one year. But with some extra care they can live more than ten years!

First let us start with saying that goldfish make great pets.  They are inexpensive and do not need a lot of space, if you dont have extensive aquarium hobbyst experience this pet fish will be perfect for you. With little care and good feeding these are the fishes you can enjoy for a very long time.  Unfortunately, without proper care they will only survive a short amount of time (as big deal of goldfish do, statistics say 80% of goldfish brought home never survive first year).  But with little understanding of your fish’s needs, you can help keep your new pet alive for many years to come.

how long do goldfish live

Taking care of newly acquired goldfish

Your fish will experience a great deal of shock when it is brought home from the pet store.  To help make this transition easier, acclimatize them to its new environment before releasing it in the tank.  This can be done by placing the newly acquired fish into the new tank while it is still in the plastic transport bag.  After half an hour, your fish will have adjusted to the temperature of the new water and will be ready to be released into its new home. Somethimes if you put that plastic bag in right way the fish will even go out of bag all by itself, this will eliminate stress even more.

Feeding your goldfish, variety counts

Goldfish should be fed every day.  Commercial flakes and sinking pellets are the most common foods that are available to feed your pet.  Though either will provide your fish with all of the nutrients that it needs, they will live a longer and healthier life if its diet also includes fresh fruits and vegetables.  Citrus fruits like lemons or oranges are great choices for your them.  Also try feeding it a green pea a couple times a week.  Not only will your fish love nibbling on it, this vegetable is also known to prevent swim bladder problems. Like all living beings try to use variety of diffrent foods when feeding your fishes.

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How long do goldfish live? Take good care of their water quality

What type of water do these fishes need to live a long life? For start fish tanks should be cleaned at least once a week.  To do this, you will need a small plastic tube and a bucket.  Simply use the tube to siphon out the waste and uneaten food into the bucket.  Never siphon out more than one quarter of the tank’s water during cleaning.  This will eliminate too much healthy bacteria and put stress on your goldfish. Remember, clear water will eliminate most of goldfish diseases. And if you are asking yourself if they can live in a bowl? Answer is yes but for short term, as I said they are messy and fast growing fish and tend to outgrow fish bowls in short time!

how long do goldfish live

“Golden fishes” as pets

Goldfish make great pets because they are easy to care for and they do live long.  To ensure that your new fish survives the initial shock of being brought home, make sure that it is acclimatized it to its new tank before being released.  Your pet fish should also have a variety of different foods to eat and a clean tank to swim in.  By learning to better care for your pet, you will help give it a long and healthy future.



So what are the stats? Unfortunately if we look statistics most of them do not make past first year, but it is up to you, with proper caring and adequate housing they can be your pet-friend for a long time! Some reported living more than 45 years (thats how long do goldfish live in perfect conditions). That is a long time even for them but like I said with good care, goldfish life expectancy in most cases is around 10 – 20 years! The possibilities of your goldfish living a long time are also significantly determinated by its genetics and how it was dealt with prior than you bought it. You should purchase your new goldfish from a first-rate independent personal breeder to ensure that it’s healthy whilst you buy it and has been dealt with care.

So let´s sum it up what are most important factors when caring for your goldfish (this will affect how long do goldfish live):

  • Quality breeder, be sure to purchase a well cared goldfish
  • Tank size, its much more easier to care for goldfish in bigger tanks (after all they are messy fishes)
  • Quality filter (as mentioned above)
  • Filtered water ( try not to use tap water or if you have to, prepare water with water conditioner)
  • Change water frequently
  • Quality food
  • Dont stuff your tank with too much fish, you will need to change water daily


Additional source (38 year old goldfish):


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