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Goldfish Tanks For Beginners, Where To Start

So you want to choose between huge selection of goldfish tanks? Read carefully…


For those who have visited a pet store, or aquarium center looking at selection of available goldfish tanks it can be overwhelming, simply because you didn’t realize how many different shapes and sizes of “goldfish habitat” there is. Moreover, you probably just thought you would pop in there and by a tank, a couple of goldfish, and that would be it, but there is more to it than that. Having said that, this article is to ease the confusion for those wanting to start up a goldfish tank with some goldfish, without all the hassle, so read on to learn more.


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The very first thing you want to do is work out how many goldfish you would like to keep, this makes a big difference on the size of the tank and how will you take care of goldfish. Another first step is to work out how much room you have for a tank, because you want to start out with the biggest tank you can, whether that be a small 10 gallon tank, or if you have room for say a 100 gallon tank, or anywhere in between. Once you know the size of tank your room can accommodate, then you can work out how many fish you can put in the tankand what kind of goldfish species you will acquire, because some goldfish can grow quite large, and need a specific amount of room to swim around in.

Believe it or not, your average goldfish can grow to a foot, or more given the right circumstances and conditions, that’s 12 inches long for those little one inch goldfish you are thinking of buying and even if you want to add some goldfish tank cleaner fish you need a big aquarium. So, now that you know that those little round goldfish bowls are completely out of the question, and likely to end with fish dying constantly, you want to know how many fish you can keep in the size tank you are going to buy. The basic rule of thumb when buying goldfish is to allow 10 gallons per fish, so with a 20 gallon tank you can easily accommodate two fish, and this allows them to grow to their full potential.

Many beginners start out with a small goldfish aquariums or bowls especially those owners who buy goldfish for kids (and dont make proper research), and almost always end up having to upgrade to a larger tank further down the line, because their fish are outgrowing their small surroundings. The best advice is to go with the largest tank you can afford, and that will fit in your room as this will save you spending twice the amount later on. The ideal first choice would be a 50, or 60 gallon tank to house five, or six small goldfish. This size would actually be around four feet long, which makes it ideal for sitting on an average chest of drawers, or other piece of furniture. Finally, if you wanted to start with a 30 gallon tank that would be around two feet long, this too is how you can choose your first goldfish tanks efficiently, and also allow the fish to grow to their full potential too.


Goldfish Water Temp.

When it comes to pets, it’s important to know all the necessary information before making a purchase. Goldfish are one of the most popular choices in the home, while it may appear to be an easy choice, there is a lot more you need to know. Your main focus as a beginner, or an experienced owner is how to correctly organize the water temperature to avoid danger levels and keep them happy.

The Goldfish Water Temp should be changed depending on the seasons or if you require them to lay eggs. During winter months, don’t forget to raise their temperature as you would your own heating. Commonly it should be between 68°F/20°C to 23°C/74°F., especially if you want more goldfish in the coming months. Winter is the most important season as your fish will have completed their hibernation period earlier. Keep an accurate account so they remain warm enough to successfully spawn eggs and keep comfortable.

Learning how to maintain the accurate goldfish water temp is essential for any fish lovers collection. Treat them respectfully and put their comfort first. Avoid going to high as just like humans they can show signs of tiredness, refuse to eat and be uncomfortable in their tank.




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