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Goldfish Care. How to make your goldfish happy.

From Elmo’s goldfish to the one belonging to Conrad and Sally in The Cat in the Hat, different types of goldfish care has been stereotypically portrayed as tiny fish that are able to thrive in a fishbowl and have a three second memory span. But the bright, orange swimmers we know as goldfish are nothing like the sort.

Here are some common myths that are completely untrue (just to get you started with your pet goldfish care):


goldfish care


  • All species stay the same size and can therefore live in a fishbowl. As a matter of fact, that is a false statement. Caring for this pet in a bowl is impossible, they just do not stay the same size and can grow up to twelve inches—the size of a ruler. Think of that when thinking of your goldfish care!
  • Goldfish are clean fish and can therefore live in a fishbowl. These fishes are anything but clean—they are messy, dirty, and sloppy, which is reflected through their living conditions and produce a great deal of ammonia, which is a toxic waste created by excess food and excrement.
  • Goldfish have a memory span of three seconds. Goldfish who are fed regularly, time-wise and on a schedule, will approach the surface of the tank when they see the person feeding them coming close to the aquarium or pond. They can be taught tricks and are actually quite intelligent fish.
  • Goldfish prefer to live by themselves. Completely untrue! They love the company of fellow fish and prefer to live in a community tank. They thrive with the attention of companions.
  • Goldfish cannot survive living outside or in a pond. Ponds are perfect living space for these fishes. Best water for goldfish is cold water and can deal with temperature fluctuations. Contrary to many rumors, goldfish are not sensitive fish.
  • The tradition of keeping gold fish in fishbowls originated from the media. While this doesn’t directly pertain tothem, it is also a false statement. Originally, Chinese emperors used to keep them in big, decorated bowls when they had company over, as a way of showing off their lovely pottery. Goldfish problems starts here.
  • All goldfish species like tall tanks. Another myth of how to keep these fishes is rather strange and has nothing to do with the truth. Goldfish actually get a gallbladder sickness from tall tanks and prefer shallow, wide living areas.


goldfish care


So how to take care of goldfish? If you are considering to buy goldfish, do yourself (and your fish) a favor first and buy an adequately spacious, wide tank. Do plenty of research, read all about various goldfish diseases and don’t fall into any myths or rumors and above all take your goldfish care serious. Trust me, that brightly colored fish you received from the carnival in a plastic bag will not stay that size.

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Check this great youtube video “How to care for a goldfish” by Videojug.

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