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A Clean Goldfish Tank With Cleaner Fish

Have your goldfish been giving you the stink eye lately? Let’s explore some time-tested methods for maintaining a clean tank habitat. Filtration, manual cleaning, weekly partial water changes and the addition of algae-eating fish or snails will keep your tank in good shape. In general, goldfish are very messy eaters and produce a lot of waste (even more than lot as they grow to their full size). For this reason, filters are recommended. Power filters are best for removing undesirable materials from the tank. Many power filters also contain carbon, which is a bonus for tidying up the tank. If you use a bigger aquarium canister filters are recommended. Regardless of whether or not you have algae-eating animals in your tank, you’ll need to perform some manual cleaning. Manual cleaning should be completed at least weekly. For this process, you’ll be removing at least a quarter of the tank water volume. Make sure never to remove all of the tank water at once; this would eliminate beneficial bacteria necessary for maintaining a healthy tank. You’ll start by using a gravel vacuum to siphon soiled water and debris from the bottom of the tank. Empty the dirty water into a bucket. Fill a different bucket with tap water (or filtered water which is way much better), and add a water conditioniner. Check the tank chemistry and make adjustments as necessary. Wipe down glass with a mild scrubber or magnet cleaner. Gently pour the fresh water back into the tank.

Use those tank cleaner fish and snails to help you!

Are you interested in adding some algae-eating aquatic life to your tank? Goldfish tank cleaner fish can be helpful. Plecostomus, or pleco, can reduce the amount of algae in the tank; however, at times plecos have been known to attack goldfish (not so attack rather to suck your goldfish instead of your glass). For a generally peaceful algae-eating fish, try out the rubber-lipped pleco. Many goldfish owners have had success with snails in their tanks as snails are less aggressive than plecos and tend to eat a wide variety of leftover food and fish waste in tanks. And on bonus side goldfish seem to eat small snails so their population is always in check. Keep in mind, though, that no algae-eating fish or snail will clean the tank sufficiently to make manual cleaning unnecessary but in overall will help you a lot.

Great tank cleaners to add to your goldfish aquarium:

  • Ramshorns and a bristlenose plecos
  • Snails
  • Weather Loaches
  • American Flag fish

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